Natural medicine of yoga

December 19, 2013 Comments Off on Natural medicine of yoga

Moriah-Day-uses-the-natural-medicine-of-yogaEnergy medicine is wonderful for healing injuries, reducing stress and putting the body in a position to function at its optimum. Moriah Day uses the natural medicine of yoga, massage and meditation to work with her clients according to what their specific needs are. After her many years of experience in chiropractic and physical therapy offices, corporate massage settings and a hospital, she knows the value of a private, wellness setting. Sessions are booked between 30 & 90 minutes, depending on what the client feels they need. Clients can choose to be seen for back massage session to relieve muscular tension and pain, yoga to help heal an injury or increase flexibility and either a restorative yoga session or hot stone massage experience surrender, deep relaxation and relief from chronic busy-ness.
The office is located in The Descanso Medical Building
1346 Foothill Blvd Suite #104
La Canada, CA 91011.
Moriah works regularly scheduled hours
My new hours are:
Wednesday 8am-12pm
Friday 9am-7pm
Sunday 9am-7pm
Acupuncture is also available at the office and can be coordinated in conjunction with your massage appointment

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